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Torpedo Pump PackagingHere at Pumps Unlimited we strive to always provide our customers with the confidence that their pump is in the right hands. When a customer has issues with their Torpedo Pump system and needs servicing, we firstly work to mitigate the stress of the situation by working with them every step of the way to get their pump safely to our shop. We value the customers input above all else and intigrate any information passed onto us into our inspection report before the pump arrives, this allows us to do a more comprehensive examination of the pump once it arrives.

When your Pump finally arrives for inspection, we will make sure to first inspect the shipping container of any damages and will photograph and document the process before unpacking continues. If any damages are found we will notify you and provide photographs before we unpack the pump from the container. If no damages to the container are found or the customer has been succesfuly notified we will then begin the unpacking process.

The unpacking process is where are main inspection begins. Whether it’s a full pump system, the pump insert, or just a pump end or motor by themselves, we will take the time to thuroughly inspect the item before testing and dissasembling begins. You may report only one issue but we will always guarantee a full inspection of your system every time it comes through our door.

If a pump arrives with rust build up, corrosion, or any other cosmetic issues, we will clean it up to the best of our ability in order to rule out any issues that might stem off of the surface level. The customers working history of the pump comes heavily in to play here, so we can quickly discern what substance may be build up on the surface, this information can also lead to much quicker diagnosis.

Once cleaned, we will then begin testing the systems one by one.

Checking that gaskets are in good shape and that your conduit sealing bushing is free of disrepair are two of the first things we will tend to first during dissassembly. Once they are checked and documented we will move on to the main systems.

The insert of a Torpedo Pump system is made up of two parts, One being the Pump End that is responsible for the reverse osmosis process and the Second Part is the Submersible Motor that powers the Pump End.

Pump EndA good Pump End should be able to turn smoothly by the shaft, and be unencombered by any debris or damages. We will test this and make sure that your pump end is working to the best of its ability.

For the Submersible Motor we will run a series of base diagnostic tests, starting with meggering your motor leads or wires to measure the resistance between the phase windings of the motor, to properly indicate whether or not there is an insulation breakdown. After the meg test we will move on to check the pressure seal of your motor, by either using air or water pressure, this will help us determine whether the motor has a seal breach that needs to be evaluated further and repaired. If there is no breach detected we will be able to refill your motor with your choice of water, glycol, or a mix. If the motor is still exhibiting issues after our series of test Pumps Unlimited Ltd. will reach out to the motor supplier and work on the best solution to get our customers motor up and running and back to them.

After checking each part of the Torpedo Pump insert we will discuss with the customer our findings and work with you to come up with the best plan for a quality resolution. We will provide you with options and since checking every part for full operating ability is a guarantee and we will notify you to whether or not it calls for a more comprehensive inspection process and repair or a replacement.

We take pride in our pumps and we want to take care of them and their owners. When you purchase a product from Pumps Unlimited you have our guarantee that we will be there for all of your servicing and repair needs.

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