Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems (see RO basics here) play an important role in the operations of factories, plants, hospitals, and water purification systems the world over. Having a properly equipped industrial reverse osmosis system can affect many factors. Your energy bill, waste product, and water purity are all possible products of your RO system. Factors such as size, noise levels, flow rate, and potential downtime all play a role in decisions regarding which RO system to integrate.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis
This reverse osmosis system is using a Torpedo Pump by Pumps Unlimited

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Pumps

Some of the largest manufacturers in the world have turned to the Torpedo Pump by Pumps Unlimited for their RO system needs. From soda manufacturers to microprocessor manufacturers to water treatment facilities, Pumps Unlimited has supplied solutions for the largest household names the world over. A few reasons that our clients continue to choose the Torpedo Pump include:

  • Reliability: Our pumps often run for a decade without maintenance or downtime
  • Durability: Inside of a stainless steel enclosure, our pumps can endure abuse
  • Noise level: You’ll need to check the gauges to see if the pump is on, it’s that quiet
  • Flow Rate: Our pumps range from 5 – 1,100 gallon per minute flow rate
  • US Based: While we sell pumps all over the world, we are based in the USA. When you call, you’ll get a Pumps employee in Carson City Nevada answering the phone.

Pumps Unlimited

Our company has been making and selling high quality industrial reverse osmosis pumps since the 1980s. We have a consistent track record with our clients, who come back to us time and again. We’re happy to advise new clients on how we can help provide a pump solution for their new RO system. If you’re looking for an entire new RO system, call us, we can help get you on the right path.

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