Pumps Unlimited is here to service all your reverse osmosis water systems needs. Established in 1982, Pumps Unlimited has been manufacturing and distributing The Torpedo Pump system across the globe, and now after coming under new ownership in 2021, we are here to keep delivering quality service on your R.O. system needs and much more.

Our Torpedo Pump installations in R.O. systems cover a broad range of industries from the semiconductor, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech to other “clean” type industries. Both 50 and 60 cycle pumps are available in all voltages. Pumps Unlimited products versatility and efficiency are why our cutomers keep coming back and we continue to garner praise in the R.O. systems field.

The new Pumps Unlimited wants to provide you with the same amazing service and a deeper product line.  We now offer more different types of pumps than ever from Submersible Deep Well Pumps, Piston Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, to Drum Unloaders. The possibilities of meeting your Pump needs are truly Unlimited.

Our reputation for product quality, performance, reliability and value is unsurpassed in the industry and we will prove it to you. We will show you that the “Unlimited” in Pumps Unlimited does not only stand for our ever-expanding product line, but for the unlimited exceptional service we will provide you the customer.