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MACU – Pure Reverse Osmosis Skids

Water is one of the essential resources for life, and ensuring its quality and purity is crucial for human consumption and industrial use. Reverse osmosis (RO) is one of the most effective ways to purify water. Now Pumps Unlimited offers MACU Pure Reverse Osmosis Skids designed to meet various water purification needs.

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Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems (see RO basics here) play an important role in the operations of factories, plants, hospitals, and water purification systems the world over. Having a properly equipped industrial reverse osmosis system can affect many factors. Your energy bill, waste product, and water purity are all possible products of your RO system.

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Reverse Osmosis Submersible Pump

In a reverse osmosis system you will be forcing water through a membrane at high pressure. For decades some of the largest manufacturers in the world have chosen to use Pumps Unlimited’s Torpedo Pump due to the longevity, near silent operation, and versatility. Our run for decades, and often are found in the field with a decade of runtime on them with zero maintenance performed and zero downtime.

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Torpedo Pump Custom Solution

We recently had a request to build a custom pump for a specialized application. This Torpedo Pump needed to have holes bored into the 13ft long stainless steel enclosure as it will be used in the driest desert in the world to pump water from underground. This large, deep well Torpedo Pump will be shipped to the Atacama Desert in Chile, one of the most demanding locations in the world.

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