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Reverse Osmosis Skids

Pumps Unlimited now offers the complete package with the MACU-Pure Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) systems.

Pumps Unlimited’ s new R.O. systems can be designed and built with different footprint requirements, custom applications, seawater, wastewater, power requirements (to include solar and wind power), and even treatment systems constructed in cargo containers and on trailers for mobility.

We supply complete installation services for this system.

These systems are designed and built and can be disassembled and transported easily. This transportability also allows for flexibility when these systems must be transported and assembled in environments with limited space.

You will see project savings when you choose our system. No crane rentals, outside engineering, construction crews, or lengthy downtime are necessary.


Significantly increases membrane life
Allows higher recovery rate
Reduces operating pressuresReduces biological fouling
Reduces cleanings
No moving parts & no maintenance
Low energy (18 watts)
Chemical free
No Ions are put into the water

Why Pumps Unlimited

For decades some of the largest manufacturers in the world have chosen to use Pumps Unlimited’s Torpedo Pump due to the longevity, near silent operation, and versatility.

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