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What is a Conduit Sealing Bushing?

A conduit sealing bushing is a type of electrical component used to create a seal between a conduit and a device that is being connected to it. The bushing is inserted into the conduit and the device is [...]

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What is a Vertical Centrifugal Pump?

A Vertical Centrifugal Pump is a type of pump where the impeller and the motor are positioned vertically in line with the pump body. The impeller rotates on a vertical axis to create a centrifugal force that moves [...]

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What is a Pump Skid?

A pump skid is a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated assembly of pumping equipment and RO filters. A skid would typically include pumps, valves, piping, and electrical controls, filters, bypass systems and would be mounted on a steel base or [...]

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What is a Submersible Motor?

A submersible motor is a very special type of electrical motor designed for use in submersible applications, such as in a pump for water wells or underwater vehicles. The motor is sealed in a stainless steel housing and [...]

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What is a Pump End?

A pump end refers to the mechanical component of a pump that contains the rotating elements, such as the impeller, shaft, bearings, and seals, that drive the flow of liquid or gas. It is typically mounted to a [...]

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Where is Reverse Osmosis Commonly used?

Reverse osmosis is commonly used in: Water treatment plants for purifying drinking water Desalination of seawater to produce fresh water. Aquariums for maintaining water quality. Industrial processes for purifying and reusing water. Pharmaceutical and food processing plants for [...]

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Can you replace my Motor or Pump End?

Upon your request or on our inspection diagnosis, we can replace multiple components of your Torpedo Pump, including the Submersible Motor and Pumpend. With your serial number located on your Pumps Name Plate, we can begin this process [...]

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