Torpedo Pump Specifications


1.1 Operating Ranges

The feed pump shall be available in sizes to accommodate design flows from 1 to 1200 gpm with discharge pressures up to 822 psi (1900 feet).

1.2 Feed Pump Design

The feed pump shall be a high efficiency unit designed to meet the maximum pressure and flow conditions, with minimum brake horsepower required.

1.3 Feed Pump Noise Levels

Feed pump sound levels shall not exceed 70 decibels (dbA) within six feet of the unit.

1.4 Feed Pump Mounting

No special foundation shall be required for mounting the feed pump. The feed pump shall be capable of being mounted on a membrane rack, wall, saddles, or suspended from pipe-hangers.


2.1 Pump-end Design

The pump shall be a multi-stage, in-line turbine pump.

2.2 Pump-end Mechanical Efficiency

The nominal design mechanical efficiency of the pump shall be 72%.

2.3 Pump-end Metallurgy

The pump shall be constructed of either all stainless steel or cast iron. No plastic components shall be used in the construction of the pump.

2.4 Pump/Motor Coupling

The pump and motor shall be directly connected to one another via a splined coupling.

2.5 Motor Design

The motor shall be either an all stainless steel submersible electric motor or an epoxy coated steel electric motor, 3600 rpm, and shall be either “wet wound” or “encapsulated” design. Motor thrust bearing shall be of the Kingsbury self-aligning shoe type.

2.6 Rejected Motor Heat

Rejected motor heat shall be directed to the feed water to pre-heat this water and raise overall system efficiency.

2.7 Motor Cooling

The motor shall be cooled by inlet process water and shall not require lubrication.

2.8 Feed Pump Containment

The pump and its motor shall be encapsulated in either fiberglass or stainless steel pressure vessel with stainless steel end plates. The pump and motor shall be supported uniformly within the pressure vessel, and the motor leads will pass through the discharge end plate via a watertight bulkhead sealing device.

The unit shall have a stainless steel vent valve to evacuate air from the pressure vessel prior to system start-up.

The inlet and discharge connections to the feed pump shall be ________ inch(es) in diameter. Connections shall be (victaulic, flanged, threaded, other) type.


The pump will be capable of pumping ________ GPM at a pressure differential of ________ PSI. Inlet water pressure to the pump shall be ________ PSI. Inlet water shall be pre-filtered and treated clean water with no particulates. Water temperature shall be ________ ° F.


The Reverse Osmosis System Feed Pump shall be manufactured by PUMPS UNLIMITED in Carson City, Nevada under the trade name TORPEDO PUMP.

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