Torpedo Pump Engineering Data

Pumps Unlimited is a division of Facility Equipment Corporation and has been manufacturing TORPEDO PUMPS since 1982. Our feed pump installations for RO applications cover a broad range of industries from the semiconductor, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech to other “clean” type industries.

Our reputation for product quality, performance, reliability and value, is unsurpassed in the industry. Customer references are available upon request.

PUMP DESIGN: The TORPEDO PUMP is an in-line, multi-stage turbine pump that is directlydriven by a submersible electric motor. The pump ends are available in either stainless steel or cast iron. Motors are available in either epoxy coated steel or stainless steel. Both the pump and motor are encapsulated in a fiberglass or stainless steel pressure vessel. All the quality components are designed to give many years of reliable service without maintenance.

OPERATING RANGES: The TORPEDO PUMP is available in sizes from 2 to 1200 G.P.M. with discharge heads up to 1900 feet. Motor horsepowers are available from 1/3 to 250 horsepower.

COMPACT DESIGN: The TORPEDO PUMP is ideally designed for R.O. applications. It can be mounted on a “membrane rack” or wall-mounted. Because of its compact design, it can be mounted in saddles or suspended from pipe hangers. No special foundation is required.

MAINTENANCE: The unique design of the TORPEDO PUMP requires no field alignment, no scheduled maintenance, no required spare parts, and no lubrication concerns.

NOISE ATTENUATION: Since the TORPEDO PUMP and its motor are submerged, noise is attenuated by the surrounding water and the containment vessel. The result is uncannily quiet operation with no noise and no vibration.

PUMPING EFFICIENCY: The TORPEDO PUMP is designed to meet maximum pressures and flow conditions, with minimum brake horsepower required. The nominal design mechanical efficiency of the pump is 72%. This pump will demonstrate a significant savings in energy usage.

SHAFT ALIGNMENT: Because the pump and motor have a splined coupling and are contained in a rigid enclosure, the shaft alignment between is always “fixed”. This is a particularly important consideration since torque and other forces can continually cause misalignment problems with conventional couplings.

ENERGY RECOVERY: Since the TORPEDO PUMP motor is cooled by the process water, rejected motor heat enters the RO feed water and raises the temperature slightly. This higher feed water temperature has the net effect of raising the overall efficiency of the RO system.

MINIMAL HEAT REJECTION: Rejected heat from conventional, air-cooled feed pump motors can be a problem, particularly in tight, enclosed operating spaces. Further, continually removing that heat can be expensive. Since the TORPEDO PUMP motor is cooled by the process water, there is no added heat to disperse that might involve additional equipment cooling or those applications that might involve air conditioning requirements for a trailer.

That feature, coupled with minimal noise and no maintenance, makes the TORPEDO PUMP an ideal arrangement in close-quartered applications or encountered on mobile R.O. systems.

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Our reputation for product quality, performance, reliability and value is unsurpassed.

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