The Torpedo Pump System

Pumps Unlimited’s main achievement is the industrial reverse osmosis Torpedo Pump.  This Pump comes in a variety of sizes and serves a broad range of industries from the semi-conductor, power, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and biotech. When you buy a Pumps Unlimited Torpedo Pump you are guaranteeing your success.

Torpedo Pump Options

The Torpedo Pump comes in both 50 and 60 cycle models and is a stainless steel, in line, multi-stage turbine pump that is directly driven by a submersible stainless steel electric motor. Both the pumpend and motor are enclosed in a fiberglass or stainless-steel pressurized vessel. All components are designed and manufactured for longevity to provide you with many years of reliable service. Because of the Torpedo Pump’s unique design, it requires no field alignment, no scheduled service and maintenance, no require spare parts, and no lubrication concerns. The pumps can range from a 5 gallon per minute flow rate all the way up to 1,100GPM. 

Torpedo Pump

The unique multistage “turbine design” of the pump produces quality efficiency in operation and will lower your energy consumption. Power is important and when you choose a Torpedo Pump, you choose both a way to conserve power and a way to utilize that power to the greatest efficiency.

To add onto the uniqueness of the Torpedo Pump, it is also incredibly quiet in its performance, as the water surrounding the pump and its motor act as a natural attenuator making the pump virtually noise and vibration free.

Torpedo Pump

Since the Torpedo Pump has a motor that is cooled by the water process, the motors offset heat raises the temperature in the system which then has a net effect of raising the overall thermal efficiency of the Reverse Osmosis System.


When considering installation and mounting the Torpedo Pump shines in versatility. You will not have to redesign your R.O. skid to use the pump. It can be mounted on the “membrane rack” or wall-mounted away from the skid. The compact design allows for easy and flexible mounting solutions including both vertical and horizontal mounting in “saddles” or suspended from paperhangers. No special foundation is required, providing a freedom of location and saving you the customer valuable space.

The Torpedo Pump is an exceptional design and a quality choice when you are deciding on a high efficiency feed pump for your Reverse Osmosis Water Systems. For technical specifications on our main page click here. A brief video from a vendor can be seen here.

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    Would you inform us what is the difference between complete set and insert only?
    We just request a pump and get these two kind of proposals.
    Our existing pump is Torpedo Pump (T461840) for RO system.

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