Product Information

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PUMPS UNLIMITED manufactures the TORPEDO PUMP (high efficiency Reverse Osmosis Feed Pump), currently the most-specified high-pressure pump for REVERSE OSMOSIS FEED APPLICATIONS.

Our TORPEDO PUMP has a very high efficiency (nominal 72%), due to its multi-stage “turbine” design, and it “pays for itself” in lower energy consumption.

Not only will your utilities bills be lowered, but you will also experience the following incidental benefits:

  • NO NOISE! You will have to check the gauges to find out if the pump is running.
  • NO MAINTENANCE! No bearings to maintain, no seals, no leaks, no scheduled preventative maintenance. NO PROBLEMS!
  • Minimize Skid Space – the TORPEDO PUMP can be “racked-up” with the R.O. membranes. If you are using the TORPEDO PUMP as a “retrofit”, replacing an existing noisy, low efficiency feed pump, you can leave the existing R.O. feed pump(s) in place for “standby service”. Pipe the new TORPEDO PUMP(s) into the system in “parallel” with the existing pump(s).
  • None of the alignment problems common to base-mounted pumps.
  • Motor heat rejected to the R.O. feed water, raising the overall R.O. system efficiency.

The TORPEDO PUMP is being “speced out” on more new RO systems than any other high efficiency pump … we have references as well as LOCAL INSTALLATIONS that we would be pleased to offer you as references.

Our multi-stage turbine pump and its motor are manufactured in stainless steel construction, and shipped to you (or to your RO/DI System Fabricator) complete, mounted in its pressure vessel (can), with inlet, outlet, and electrical cable connections ready for installation on the R.O. Skid.

We have been very successful with this pump in both new installations, and in the retrofitof existing R.O. systems. In many cases, we can halve competitive horsepower requirements. We have units in the field that have been in service for ten years with no downtime.