Noise Levels

The Torpedo Pump was originally designed for clients requesting low noise levels in reverse osmosis feed pumps. The Hewlett Packard Company was operating their RO systems in their facility’s basement right below the production floors. The noise from the old pumps were causing problems with the workers on the production floors. We built our first Torpedo Pumps to solve this problem for Hewlett Packard, since then we have gone on to become the gold standard for ultra quiet feed pumps in the microelectronics/semiconductor business, as well as the cogeneration, pharmaceutical, and beverage industries.

The reason that the Torpedo Pump is so quiet is that the pump and motor are running underwater. High-frequency sound cannot be transmitted through water, this is why submarines surface at night to send radio transmissions back to their bases. Only low frequency sound can be transmitted through water.

The Torpedo Pump is so quiet you have to check the pressure gauges to see if it is actually running. It is certainly below the noise level of the room and has been measured to be around 65 to 70 dbA. Eliminating noise is one of the main reasons why the Torpedo Pump is specified in more high-tech applications than any other RO Feed Pump in the industry.