Motor Efficiency

The Torpedo Pump uses submersible motors manufactured specially for Pumps Unlimited in 304 all stainless steel construction. These motors are typical of the motors that are used in deep well applications all over the world. When you put a well pump motor 1500 feet below the ground you want it to be reliable and maintenance free. That is what you get with a Pumps Unlimited Torpedo Pump. Our motors will run for a long time under water without attention.

The Pumps Unlimited submersible motor has a maximum efficiency of approximately 85%. Total pump efficiency is equal to the mechanical pump end efficiency multiplied by the motor efficiency. For the Pumps Unlimited multi-stage Torpedo Pump only, it has a very high efficiency of approximately 72%.

Comparing the efficiency of a Centrifugal pump with a Torpedo Pump you can see the value of a submersible pump:

A) A single stage end-suction centrifugal pump, with a mechanical efficiency of 60% and a premium efficiency motor of 92% has a total pump efficiency of (.6 x .92) or 55%.

B) The Torpedo Pump with a mechanical efficiency of 72% and a motor efficiency of 84% has a total pump efficiency of (.72 x .84) or 60%.

Using a TORPEDO PUMP will then save you several thousand dollars per year in electrical energy costs. Contact us and we will help you with your energy calculations.