Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Industrial reverse osmosis (RO) systems (see RO basics here) play an important role in the operations of factories, plants, hospitals, and water purification systems the world over. Having a properly equipped industrial reverse osmosis system can affect many factors. Your energy bill, waste product, and water purity are all possible products of your RO system.… Continue reading Industrial Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Submersible Pump

A reverse osmosis submersible pump is put in place when you need to increase water pressure going into the reverse osmosis (RO) filter unit to separate pure water from impurities. In a reverse osmosis system you will be forcing water through a membrane at high pressure. In an industrial application you may mount the pump… Continue reading Reverse Osmosis Submersible Pump

Torpedo Pump Custom Solution

A 13ft stainless steel enclosure being bored out for a custom job.

We recently had a request to build a custom pump for a specialized application. This Torpedo Pump needed to have holes bored into the 13ft long stainless steel enclosure as it will be used in the driest desert in the world to pump water from underground. This large, deep well Torpedo Pump will be shipped… Continue reading Torpedo Pump Custom Solution

Wild Horse

You are traveling through history and beauty when you come to northern Nevada. As a local I often forget and take for granted all the majesty that’s all around me. This area has many natural treasures that nourish the locals’ and visitors’ souls; however, one experience stands apart from the rest, and to see northern… Continue reading Wild Horse

Repair and Servicing

A Torpedo Pump removed from it's housing.

Here at Pumps Unlimited we strive to always provide our customers with the confidence that their pump is in the right hands. When a customer has issues with their Torpedo Pump system and needs servicing, we firstly work to mitigate the stress of the situation by working with them every step of the way to… Continue reading Repair and Servicing

The Torpedo Pump System

Pumps Unlimited’s Torpedo Pump, a leader in industrial reverse osmosis pumps.