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There are some VERY POSITIVE BENEFITS to using the TORPEDO PUMP with submersible motors. The TORPEDO PUMP uses SUBMERSIBLE MOTORS manufactured specially for us in ALL STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION. These motors are typical of the motors that are used in DEEP-WELL applications all over the world. When you put a (well pump) motor 1500 feet below the ground, you don't want problems; you don't want to pull it out; and you don't want to do maintenance on it. This type of motor will run for a long time without attention ... under water and under pressure.

The submersible motor has a maximum efficiency of approx. 84 to 85%. We are reminded that the TOTAL PUMP EFFICIENCY is equal to the mechanical (pump end) efficiency multiplied by the motor efficiency. Our multi-stage (TORPEDO PUMP) pump end has a VERY HIGH EFFICIENCY (approx. 72%). Let's set a hypothetical case:

A) A single stage end-suction centrifugal pump, with a mechanical efficiency of 60% and a premium efficiency motor (92%), has a total pump efficiency of (.6 x .92) 55%.

B) Our TORPEDO PUMP, having a mechanical efficiency of 72% and a motor efficiency of 84%, has a total pump efficiency of (.72 x .84) 60%.

The previous illustration show that the TORPEDO PUMP, even with the lower efficiency motor, beats the BRAND-X pump. Of course, each application is different and you will have to do your homework to see who "wins" in your application.


An air-cooled NEMA T-Frame motor might be more efficient but where does that "inefficient portion" of the energy "input" go? Let's say that the air-cooled motor has an efficiency of 92%. That means that 8% of the input-energy goes to WASTE-HEAT, and is transferred to the surrounding air. Our submersible, water-cooled motor will have more heat rejected ... say, 16%, but that heat is rejected to the FEED WATER going to the membranes. This (slight) tempering effect will (slightly) increase the efficiency of the membranes, so we can reclaim part of the heat-energy.



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